Why Run-  Dan C. Weinert for Smithville School Board

BACK        Updated 03/23/2005

Why run?


First and foremost, I have no agenda, no one I want fired, no axes to grind!

Be very wary of those who do.

I just have the desire to help our school district however I can.

I have helped in many ways and will continue to do so, no matter the outcome of this election.

Please, get involved in your child's education!

It seems that in every school district, parental support is always an issue. As I look back into my childhood, I remember my mom and dad being involved with all my school functions. From PTA meetings to school carnivals and everything in between, they were always there, helping however they could.

I too have taken the same involvement level with my children. From the time they were very little, I have been-

(listed most recent first)

SHS Cross Country Booster Club President- Realized that the SHS Cross Country team had little if any financial support for the items they needed. Helped start the SWCCBC club in Sept 2004 and elected President in November 2004. I dug through all the federal government red tape and made our club a registered 501(3)(c), started a bank account, rented a P.O. box, and finalized our registration with the State of Missouri.  We launched a small but successful donation fund that was able to purchase new uniforms, 2-way radios, coolers & snacks. Presently helped the club design several attractive fundraisers to make our financial goals and commitments by May 2005. Started a website to keep the parents informed of all cross country events, schedules, directions etc.

SHS Football Club Vice President- Active member for 3 years then served last 2 years as Vice President. Still active with this group after son has graduated high school. Successfully published the SHS Annual Football Yearbook for 6 consecutive years. Took over the website duties for 2 years to keep the parents informed.

SMS Support Group School Board Liaison Officer- responsible for reporting the activities from the Middle School Support group back to the Smithville School Board.

PTO Dads- Group of involved dads, helping the Bethel PTO with their functions and duties.

Softball Coach- Assistant Coach for 2 years in competitive girls softball league.

Baseball Coach- Coached in various leagues for 12 years, served as both head and assistant coach.

Boy Scout Leader- Served as Assistant Boy Scout Leader for 3 years

Soccer Coach- Head Coach in YMCA league for 3 years

Each one of these duties involves a level of commitment that I have enjoyed and will surely miss when the time has come. Helping in these various tasks over the years has been very fulfilling and makes me believe-

Why not help at the next level?

I like to "jump in" to anything I do. I was taught at a very young age that if you are going to do something, then do it to the best of your abilities.

I promise to "jump in" to serving on the Smithville school board.

Keeping the parents informed has always been an issue with me. We have all had experiences where the coach or teacher has not had time to let the parents know what was going on...how frustrating for all involved.

I plan to keep the parents informed of all applicable school board issues, using in person contact, email and the very tool you are reading right now- The Web.