I led the group in votes until precincts 4 & 5 reported at which time I dropped to 6th or 7th place.

From the results, I come to the following conclusions-

1. I needed to include a more rounded plan of action. I focused on some new ideas without giving ideas on all the day to day stuff.

2. Because of budget, I only sent mailers to all registered voters who voted in the last 2 school board races. The rec. district fight brought out more voters that I anticipated. Most of those voters did not have a clue who I was.

3. As hard as I tried, I wanted a family shot on the mailers but was unable to get all 4 of us together for a photo. Daniel is in college and it never worked out in time.

4. I never published in the paper all I have done for the booster programs- just ideas on what could be done in the future. I talked of "Proven School Success" but never gave any examples (other than the website)

5. My mailer was clever and fancy but maybe folks got the wrong idea. Was it effective?

6. I put way too much importance on my website. I had 398 unique visitors...great ratio of visitors to vote received- Just was not enough of either.

7. I did not get out in the neighborhoods as much as I had planned.

8. An ad in the Herald would have been appropriate had budget been available.

9. I needed more help in poll coverage.

I am sure there were other factors- I will try to identify and decide if we give this another try or not!