Voting- Dan C. Weinert for Smithville School Board

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Voting- the great American freedom that every citizen of the United States has but sadly not everyone participates in.

Please, register to vote on April 5, 2005.

If you vote for me or not, that is your choice but please vote.

Many of the local races over the last 5 years or so have came down to 5 or 6 votes separating the winner from the looser. Your vote does count and you can make a difference.

Need to register to vote? Click here.

Need to know the voter registration deadlines? Your last day to register for this election is March 9, 2005


Who is entitled to vote in an election?

Any resident of the county registered by the deadline to register whose name appears on the roster or has been authorized by the Election Board Office.

No one is entitled to vote that is: not 18 years or older, not registered in the jurisdiction of residence prior to the deadline to register unless the move is after the deadline for voter registration, confined under a sentence of imprisonment, on probation or parole of a felony until discharged from such probation or parole, or if convicted of a felony or misdemeanor connected with the right of suffrage.  RSMO 115.133, 115.135, 115.425 

What hours are the polls open?

The polls are open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m., all voters in line during those times will be permitted to vote. RSMO 115.407 

What do I do if I lose my Voter ID card?

If a voter loses his Voter ID card he can call the Election Board Office and a new one will be issued.  If it is Election Day there are several forms of ID that can be used; ID issued by the state of Missouri, an agency of the state; the United States government of agency thereof; an institute of higher education, including a university, college, vocational and technical school located within the State of  Missouri; a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck or other government document that contains the name and address of the voter; drivers license or state identification issued by another state; or a signed affidavit of personal knowledge by two supervising election judges at the polls.  RSMO 115.427           

How are the votes counted?

Clay County voters vote on optical scan machines.  Once the voter has been determined eligible and signed the roster at their polling precinct the election judge gives the voter a paper ballot.  The voter then takes that ballot into the voting booth.  A pencil will be located in the booth.  The voter then colors in the ovals next to the candidates or yes/no issues of their choice.  When the voter completes voting the ballot, he/she places the ballot in the accu-vote machine.  The machine will accept the ballot unless the voter has voted more than allowable on any particular race or issue.  If this occurs the machine will return the ballot for correction.  When the machine accepts the ballot, the vote is recorded internally on a memory card.  After polls close the election judges plug the machines into a phone line and results are sent via modem to the Election Board office.  After absentee votes have been recorded and all polling locations have sent their results, the totals are displayed at the Election Board Office.  Results are not official until certified by the verification board. 

What are provisional ballots and when are they available?

A provisional ballot is a ballot containing all statewide candidates and issues, and federal candidates.  It is available to a person claiming to be properly registered in Clay County and eligible to vote, but whose eligibility cannot be established upon examination of the precinct register or examination of the records on file with the election office.  Provisional ballots are only available when statewide candidates and issues, or federal candidates are placed on a ballot.  These types of ballots are only counted if it is established the voter is registered prior to the deadline to register and entitled is to vote. 

I need help voting, what are my options?

Anyone registered that needs help voting can vote absentee in their home if they are eligible. Some other options include, curbside voting that is provided at the polls, or magnifiers, or bringing someone to the polls to help you read and cast your ballot.  Election judges are also available to read the ballot to a voter and mark the ballot as the voter requests. 

If I write-in a candidate is that counted?

Write-in votes are only counted for a candidate who has filed to be a write-in candidate by 5:00 on the 2nd Friday preceding an election.  Unless the position has no candidate that filed then all write-in votes are counted.

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