Issues-  Dan C. Weinert for Smithville School Board

BACK        Updated 03/05/2005

Critical issues the Smithville School District is facing right now. (Jan 19, 2005)

The ever-shrinking budget is our biggest battle.  When the government needs to cut funding, the FIRST thing that gets cut in Missouri is Educational funding.

We are in a rapidly growing district.  When our funds are reduced by budget cuts, the teachers suffer, the students suffer, the parents suffer and our building plans suffer like the football bleachers and the new gym- both projects that have been pushed to the back burner.

This is the first year that I can remember that the district actually gave the teachers a pay raise.  Now, with that in mind, they only make $3,000-$5,000.00 less than their counterparts in surrounding districts. 

At the lower grade levels, the teachers like to decorate their room and have the kids help. The School Board have asked them to reduce the budget so much....they are buying most of the those materials out of their own pocket.


What things will we be facing in the future? (Jan 19, 2005)

New school buildings, one campus or two, hiring quality teachers for the influx of projected students, additional budget cuts, finishing up all stages of our building plan and funding maintenance on our aging school buildings. 

These are just a few.  (these don't include the academic side of the house, like MAP testing, summer school funding, making sure we stay on the A+ track.)