What can we do?-  Dan C. Weinert for Smithville School Board

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What can we do? (Jan 19, 2005)

1. Try new things, bring in new ideas. If the Platte Country R3 school district can sign a 10 year, $310K sweetheart deal with Pepsi, why can't Smithville? We need a first class, state of the art football and soccer stadium too!

2. Keep the athletic and extra curricular programs an important and integral part of the education process.
When the budgets get tighter, and they will, the sports and extra curricular programs in all districts will be the first to suffer the blows. Help strengthen all booster clubs, make all current programs as self supportive as possible to insure their longevity.

3. Get as much input as possible from the kids, the parents and the teachers.
Understand, analyze and utilize this information fully.

4. Evaluate everything we do-
Keep doing what works, immediately fix what is broken.

5. Get and keep the parents informed-
The current board does a pretty good job of this now...if you know where to look for the information- It can and will be a better process.

6. Open up different lines of communication- Utilize the web to announce upcoming school board meeting agendas and post public session minutes of those meetings.